Carole Cakov Psy.D. P.A.
Clinical Psychologist
FLPY 6837

National Register of Health Care
Providers in Psychology #51138

Where the Healthy Mind Goes, the Body will Follow
The Mind-Body Connection
The mind has such amazing capabilities. Through its power you can imagine, create, think and even feel. Your mind is your private space – your emotional core – your center of perceived wellness. A healthy mind-body balance is essential in maintaining your overall feeling of wellness. Yet there are times when that sense of wellness may be threatened by a serious illness or chronic health condition, relationship problems, career pressures, or other life challenges.

Such stressors can lead to depression, anxiety, a compromised sense of independence, and even a lower self-esteem. As a result you may notice changes in your memory or have difficulty making decisions and solving even the simplest of problems. The key to getting back on the path to a healthy mind and body is believing that your wellness and happiness are within reach.

“I believe strongly in the power of the mind to overcome life’s challenges. We will work together to find solutions that will help you regain a quality of life and sense of psychological well-being.” - Dr. Carole Cakov